Visight Omnichannel

A world of unified opportunities

The traditional means of communications are being turned on their heads. New channels are being created on a regular basis, and it seems like only yesterday that the likes of Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat were first making their debuts on the world stage.
Now picture an organisation receiving a high number of incoming emails, messages and more.

With ViSight Omnichannel you can now unify all your communication channels onto a single platform while creating a truly unique Customer Experience in the process!

Reach your customers using their preferred communication channels and keep a detailed log of who your customers are and what their preferences are like thanks to an expandable knowledge base.
This simple-to-implement and easy-to-use communication tool grants you a holistic view of your customer’s preferences.
Omnichannel isn’t actually about the channels, it’s about the customers!
ViSight Omnichannel is Powered by Cention.

What are the benefits of ViSight Omnichannel?


Centralise the management of digital channels

Unify your numerous communications onto a “One Platform, One Interface” solution to centralise the management of an organisation’s entire customer engagement journey.


Efficiently route errands

Avoid bottlenecks and passing errands around unnecessarily as our solution can intelligently route errands to the most relevant agents based on their individual skill set, availability or by picking up on keywords.


Always meet your SLAs

Customise your SLAs according to departments and case types based on your business requirements. Our inbuilt reminders to agents at different stages of SLA ensure that your commitments to your customers stay intact.


Automatically update your knowledge base

A centralized database of information and reference for more accurate and faster response times when responding to enquiries of varying levels of technicality. Gather information about customers in our dedicated contact card. Over time it will start to be become a dynamic knowledge base which can be used as a reference library to train chatbots.


Implementation that is fast and easy

Cloud-based versions of our communication tools can easily be implemented within 5-7 working days. Our dedicated team can also be on hand to assist in training your agents if and when needed.


Stay safe on-cloud or on-premise

Hosted on Amazon’s Web Services, one of the world’s safest and most secure cloud-based servers, the AWS global state of the art infrastructure is designed and managed to security best practices as well as a variety of security compliance standards.