Visight Chatbot

AI for your business

Customers have become more impatient and expect instant answers.
With ViSight Chatbot, this challenge becomes an opportunity! Ranked #1 “Chat Automation Platform For Governments and Entreprises in Asia”, ViSight Chatbot takes your customer experience journey to the next level. Sit back, relax, and let our chatbot handle up to 90% of your incoming cases without human help.

What are the benefits of ViSight Chatbot?


The bot knows what you want

The bot comes ready with a pre-trained intent dictionary containing a list of commands which it understands and executes when needed. It will start a different process flow according to the intent stated or written e.g. if you say you want to book a ticket, it won’t start the process of looking for your refund.


Pre-processed Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning capabilities

The ability of the engine underlying the chatbot to understand, manage and reply to users’ dialogues even in common speech and in various languages. ViSight Chatbot is trained to understand everyday lingo so that it is capable of handling every request you can throw at it.


Omnichannel-ready for your convenience

Comes with an open and flexible architecture to facilitate integrations with your website and other communication channels, as well as existing systems within your organisation such as CRMs.


Humanised AI

Give ViSight Chatbot a unique personality that portrays your business – give it a wicked sense of humour, or a sassy attitude. Whatever its traits, ViSight Chatbot will always provide a consistent and unbiased response to your customers.


Never miss an opportunity

ViSight Chatbot is capable of managing up to 90% of interactions. In the rare event that it can’t handle an interaction with a customer, the chatbot will escalate a particular case to a human agent for resolution. This allows you to keep your SLAs intact and to never miss a worthwhile opportunity.


A seamless experience reimagined

An easy to use interface that makes communicating information and sharing media across our chatbot platform as easy as possible. Agents are no longer bogged down by multiple complicated systems allowing them to better focus on what matters most.


Available 24/7

ViSight Chatbot never clocks out – it is ever-ready to interact with customers anytime, day or night. Resource planning is no longer a headache with a chatbot that can handle any number of customer queries, even when there are spikes during peak sales or promotional periods.