Depending on the industry you are in, your requirements will be different. For some, security is more critical than reducing their average handling time; for others that may be all they think about. In this fast-paced world in which things can change in minutes if not seconds, it is important to know that the system you are using is capable of meeting your unique priorities

Learn more about how companies such as yours are using our suite of ViSight customer service solutions to meet and surpass customer demands.

By Industry

Financial Services Industry


The Banking and Insurance industries have always maintained a high level of security when it comes to data. In recent times, financial institutions have had to abide by an ever-growing number of regulations, and are more frequently punished for their mismanagement of, or callousness with clients data. In consequence some may have scaled back their operations or projects fearing the backlash.

By using our services however, either as an on-premise set-up or an on-cloud service with one of the best cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services), our customers can now settle back knowing that their clients’ information and data remain secure.

Contact Centres


Contact Centres are an important part of our business. In many cases, contact centre agents are the first people that end customers deal with, and creating an awesome and memorable first-time customer journey is of the upmost importance. One of the ways to do that is to make sure you respond to your customers in a timely fashion; however, meeting your SLAs can be a challenge when people expect immediate responses. With an in-built SLA tracking system, never miss a deadline and respond to your loyal customers on time, every time!



Entertainment companies usually deal with a high influx of enquiries from avid fans. Tickets or errands as we call them come in by the hundreds; couple this with an ever-changing landscape and this can sometimes leave companies completely inundated. With ViSight Solutions you can brand yourself correctly by churning out material that remains relevant to your business. Acquire and retain customers by enticing them with the right content and ensure fantastic customer service in the process.



Over the years we have worked with governments and government agencies both locally and internationally and we understand the needs and requirements of this sector. Resource and staffing management problems are the usual culprits; however, most governments can be afflicted by a wide range of challenges. Thanks to ViSight Omnichannel and Analytics, organisations can now plan ahead and anticipate putting more hands on the job when necessary!

Retail Services


Classically retailers have mostly had a physical presence. With an explosion of the IoT, connected devices and hyper personalisation, things have moved online and keeping numerous customers happy without sometimes ever seeing them gets harder. This is where we turn to AI to help us anticipate things. Get ViSight Chatbot to handle rush influxes of customers and automate your logistical strategies. Make better decisions when managing this ever-growing number of customers from a multitude of communication channels.

Information Technology


Being in the same industry, we understand IT companies pain points better than anyone. In today’s face paced world in which even minutes can heavily influence outcomes, saving time while still maintaining a level of professionalism is essential. Our expandable knowledge base and updatable contact card provides you with just that. Know who your customer is and answer their queries with customisable pre-set answers that will save your agents time and energy.

By Size



Choosing the right system providers when managing such a large organisation can be a real task. That is why we want to help you as much as possible.

Our team of dedicated account managers will be on hand to manage your queries or problems and to provide you with the right solution when needed.

Our 55,000 seats installed worldwide have given us the know-how to handle undertakings of such a large scale, and a robust confidence in carrying out requests in terms of customisation.



97% of all businesses in Malaysia are SMEs. Providing an accessible and manageable system for smaller companies has been our focus in recent times as smaller companies start to realise the importance of Customer Experience. Many hope to emulate their larger peers in providing great customer service, but most are capable of even leapfrogging them. Our scalable solutions allow you to start off small, and eventually grow into a robust system ready to handle a larger amount of incoming customer interactions.



Get straight to the point by letting us know exactly what you require. Budgets can be a constraint, but we understand that fully well. For that reason, we have come up with one of our most affordable packages that is designed specifically for start-ups. Avoid unreliable systems or billing surprises as we work towards providing you with one of the best and most cost-effective solutions for your buck!