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Q: What is ViSight Omnichannel?
ViSight Omnichannel is a One Platform, One Interface solution that allows you to consolidate your various communication channels onto a single dashboard, giving you a 360-degree view of who is interacting with you across channels including email, social media, live chat, SMS and voice.
Q: How is an omnichannel platform different than a normal email management system/outlook?
Originating from the Latin word Omnis meaning “all”, an omnichannel solution is one which unifies all your communication channels, allowing you to seamlessly communicate with your customers using the channels they prefer. Switching between different communication channel interfaces is no longer necessary as everything can be centrally handled using an omnichannel solution.
Q: How would an omnichannel solution help my company/organisation?
The advantages of having an omnichannel solution are numerous. From a customer service standpoint, you will be able to reply customers in a timely and accurate manner thanks to its in-built knowledge base. More importantly you will be communicating with them via their preferred communication channels. As these channels become unsilo-ed, the overall management of these channels will become smoother, ultimately increasing the ROI of your organisation.
Q: Who should be using ViSight Omnichannel?
Companies both big and small can use ViSight Omnichannel! Those who would see the most benefits from its implementation are those that are looking first and foremost, to un-silo their numerous communication channels and get rid of inter-departmental misunderstandings. Ultimately though, ViSight Omnichannel is for anyone that wishes to practice data-driven decision making while emphasizing on creating a truly unique Customer Experience.
Q: Which channels do most people integrate with?
The most popular channels that people integrate with are Email and Facebook. However we can also integrate with a number of other channels, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Line and Vkontakt etc.
Q: We already have a CRM and other legacy systems within our organisation. Will we have `to change any of the existing infrastructure?
Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in integrating with various CRMs and telephony systems. It is not necessary to change any of your existing infrastructure provided the systems you are using has an open API for us to integrate with.
Q: How much does an Omnichannel solution cost?
We sell our solution based on the number of seats/agents you subscribe to, and the number of channels you wish to use. The price will also vary depending on the scope of the integration and requirements, as well as the duration of your subscription. To get a more accurate quotation of how much you will be looking at spending, visit our pricing calculator.
Q: Will I have to pay for updates when they are made available for ViSight Omnichannel?
As a subscriber to ViSight Omnichannel, you are entitled to free updates.
Q: As a subscriber to ViSight Omnichannel, you are entitled to free updates.
We’ve been in the business for more than 10 years, handling clients across industries. With experience in setting up over 55,000 Omnichannel seats around the world, we’ve learnt a great deal about our clients and provide solutions that are customised to suit their needs. With a system as robust as ours, and a dedicated team of people, we are confident you will be satisfied with what we have to offer, as you embark on your journey towards a truly seamless Customer Experience.
Q: What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is an automated agent which resides either directly on your website or your other social channels, that works for you around the clock providing customers with relevant and consistent answers across the board.
Q: Give me a reason why I need one.
A more globalised world like the one we live in at the moment, demands that Customer Service works continuously in order to keep customers satisfied and coming back. Provide accurate and timely information every time while slashing operating costs. This will allow you to re-allocate your resources accordingly while letting the chatbot handle more repetitive and monotonous tasks such as answering simple FAQs.
Q: What happens if the chatbot can’t answer my questions?
Our chatbot is intelligent enough to know when it can no longer handle a customer’s query and will then escalate it either to a trained live agent or another existing helpdesk. ViSight Chatbot can also be trained to pick up on when a customer is frustrated, by his or her speech patterns and escalate it for a better handling of the situation and to ensure awesome overall customer service.
Q: What kind of escalation methods are available?
ViSight Chatbot can currently integrate with various business applications such as Zendesk or Salesforce, as well as other internal applications through the use of APIs. We can therefore send and receive information to and from various applications based on the specific workflow processes or requirements of any given company.
Q: How long would it take before I can launch my own chatbot?
The level of customisation and the number of integrations with other business applications will affect the amount of time needed to configure your bot. As such, deployment may take a bit longer, but it usually takes about 6-10 weeks to have a chatbot up and answering your customer’s queries. This includes all the steps from the initial scoping where we try and understand what you hope to achieve with your new chatbot, all the way up to its public launch.
Q: What is the process of building a chatbot?
The process is pretty straightforward: We start with the initial scoping where we determine what exactly you want to achieve with this chatbot; after which we move to the development stage, testing, quality assurance, and internal pilot. Once you are truly satisfied with the chatbot you have, we then move to the public launch stage where your chatbot will be able to start handling your customer’s incoming queries.
Q: What is Natural Language Processing?
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is what allows our chatbots to understand everyday lingo and slang. An easy example is this: “Wow, Lee Chong Wei was on fire last night, he completely destroyed Lin Dan in the final.” To a human the meaning of this sentence is obvious even if you do not know who Lee Chong Wei is, or what sport he plays, whereas it may not be the case for a chatbot. NLP is what allows the bot to understand that Lee Chong Wei wasn’t actually on fire, but rather just simply playing extremely well against his opponent. It also helps the chatbot understand country-specific terms like Lahs, Mahs, Mehs and Lors (colloquial terms commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore).
Q: What is Machine Learning?
Machine Learning is a subset of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allows the chatbot to learn as you go along, without the help of a human. Systems such as our chatbots that are built using machine learning algorithms have the ability to learn from past experiences or historical data to improve on its answers.
Q: Is it possible to improve the quality of my chatbot after public launch?
Our chatbot is scalable to meet your needs and requirements. Our team will continue to work closely with you to train and enhance your chatbot’s capabilities even after it has been launched to ensure customers never go unattended to. We also take a look at our analytics and advise you on where you can improve your flow and increase the accuracy of your chatbot.
Q: Am I able to handle the chatbot myself after deployment?
Our easy-to-use management dashboard allows you to add or remove questions at your discretion. Upload new training sets and check on the provided bot analytics whenever necessary. Based on the new incoming customer queries, questions and other data sets, it is even possible to create entirely new NLP and ML models.
Q: Can your bot solution adapt to where I wish to deploy it?
ViSight Chatbot can support a multitude of regions and languages. We pride ourselves in having one that supports many of ASEAN’s regional languages such as Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, Chinese (Mandarin), Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic as well as other international languages.
Q: Where do you host your chatbots?
You can either choose to host ViSight Chatbot on premise or on cloud. For security reasons when dealing with customer data, all our ViSight products are hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.
Q: Is it possible to deploy the chatbot on a private cloud?
It is possible as there is a migration path to a private cloud deployment depending on your various requirements. During our discussions with you, we can discuss your private cloud and security needs as set out by your organisation.
Q: Is it possible for the chatbot to be hacked?
Spoofing and DDoS attacks are the most common and hostile ways to hack a chatbot. Therefore not only do we have chatbot-specific measures to prevent these from happening, but to maintain that added level of security, we are constantly updated with the latest threats and safeguards to ensure that your chatbot and your data remain safe.
Q: Why should I choose ViSight Chatbot over anyone else’s?
Our track record of deployed chatbots across industries speaks for itself. From banking to e-commerce, our bots have helped numerous companies, big and small, enhance the Customer Experience they provide to their customers and finally realise their true potential. With our dedicated team, you can also be sure that we will be there to guide you every step of the way, and ultimately provide you with a chatbot that meets your standards and requirements.
Q: What is ViSight Analytics?
ViSight Analytics is a cutting edge analytical software that aggregates all your customer interactions, feedback and agent data across communication channels, to provide you a full 360-degree, end-to-end picture of the customer journey. Receive the latest reports concerning your agents, your teams and company as a whole, in order to make the appropriate decisions at the right time.
Q: Who should be using ViSight Analytics?
Those within a company that have a hand in the overall decision making (team leaders, managers), should be having access to ViSight Analytics as it would give you a better understanding of the day to day operations of your organisation. Be up to date about how your teams or departments are functioning and take the appropriate action to unleash their full potential.
Q: We are a small to medium sized company; is ViSight Analytics really for us?
Actionable insights should not be limited to those that have a lot of resources, in fact the exact opposite should be true. ViSight Analytics allows you to have clear visibility across the board at an affordable price. Whether you are using it solely to monitor external customer engagements or to fine tune internal processes, ViSight Analytics is designed to be for everyone.
Q: What kind of reports can I receive by subscribing to ViSight Analytics?
ViSight Analytics is designed to be easy-to-use and flexible, therefore the types of reports you receive are entirely customisable by you. From its well thought out dashboard, you will be able to obtain all the relevant information you are looking for regarding productivity and performance levels. The reports consisting of a wide array charts, graphs, histograms, tree maps and more to choose from, will let you delve deeper to view overall operational stats and uncover actionable insights that will help guide you in your future decision making.
Q: I have a very large amount of data, will ViSight Analytics be able to handle it?
Yes it will. ViSight Analytics is built on Microsoft’s robust Power BI infrastructure, meaning you will be able to seamlessly handle vast amounts of data.
Q: From which sources can ViSight Analytics pull from in order to create my reports?
We can currently pull data from a multitude of sources such as Google Analytics, Zoho, Salesforce reports and others, provided we have an open API to use.
Q: What kind of formats do you support?
Currently ViSight Analytics supports SQL, CSV (text) as well as Excel formats.
Q: Will I need to employ/hire extra people (e.g. data scientist) in order to produce the required reports?
It’s not necessary to add to your office headcount in order to properly create and manage our analytical tool. At the very most you will need 1 to 2 people within your organisation who are familiar with Excel.
Q: Where is my data stored?
Unless you opt for an on-premise set-up of our ViSight Analytics solution, your data will be stored on Microsoft’s Azure cloud.
Q: What kind of support do you offer?
Free support is available during usual business hours in Kuala Lumpur (8:30am-5.30pm) as per our standard contract terms and conditions. Additional support based on requirements can be quoted separately.
Q: Why should I choose ViSight Analytics?
If you are looking to make the right decisions at the right time, then look no further than us. With its capabilities of being able to integrate with a multitude of data sources, and its flexible and easy-to-use interface, ViSight Analytics really does give you the best business intelligence for efficient decision-making within your organisation.